It lies at the foot of Mount Uda, a 'green lung' in the centre of grain-growing plain, on the summit of which there is a lush community park, a destination for excursions and pilgrimages (a church may have been there originally). The territory of Barrali, an agricultural and pastoral centre in southern Sardinia, has clear medieval origins and today has over a thousand inhabitants. It is located in a hilly area on the border between Campidano, Gerrei and Trexenta. The village is surrounded by small, lush elevations, on which vegetable gardens, orchards, olive groves and vineyards are cultivated, and it is located on the banks of Riu Mannu. An excellent olive oil arrives from the fields, along with peaches, oranges, apples and grapes and fine wines are produced here, like Nuragus and Monica. Barrali will also surprise you with its other specialties: from its durum wheat come the traditional breads, baked in approximately forty wood-burning ovens and excellent meats with sheep's and goat's cheeses come from the healthy pastures in the Barrali area.