Where the sun takes you


Where the sun takes you

In Sardinia, sunrises and sunsets are moments of pure poetry, spectacles that will remain etched in your memory forever, because “when you can touch someone's heart, that's limitless“ (Steve Jobs)
Inimitable atmospheres and landscapes

Follow the path of the sun coast to coast, from the enchanting bays of the east coast to the unspoilt beaches of the Costa Verde in the Medio Campidano and the Sulcis-Iglesiente, passing through the charming green heart of Barbagia. At dawn, while the last stars are still shining, you can swim or canoe to meet the sun as it rises over the horizon of one of the endless jewels of the east coast, from Golfo Aranci to San Teodoro, from the Gulf of Orosei to Sarrabus.

Alba in canoa nel golfo di Orosei
Tramonto su San Giovanni di Sinis
At sunrise or sunset, an unusual way to experience the sea

When the sun is up, it travels west to reach the opposite coast of the island. At sunset, the quartz grains of is Arutas and the soft white sand of San Giovanni di Sinis, the enchanting Scivu and the inimitable dunes of Piscinas, together with the monuments of industrial archaeology overlooking the sea in Sardinia's geo-mineral park, become fantastic backdrops for colourful dreamy sunsets, which seem endless in these parts.

alba a Costa Rei
Tramonto a Capo Caccia - Alghero
the sky is tinged with intense colours

The sky is enveloped in harmonious brushstrokes of yellow and gold, then shades of pink, lilac and purple emerge. Finally, before dusk, it bursts into flames of orange and red. You don't have to travel far from home to see such spectacles. It may look like a painting of a distant paradise, but it is actually the hues of Sardinia at sunset, colours that go straight to the heart.

tramonto su Cagliari

At the end of a day bathed in sunlight, wherever you are, along the coasts or on the bastions of the fortifications of cities such as Alghero and Cagliari, and seaside villages such as Bosa, Carloforte, Castelsardo and Stintino, take off your sunglasses and stop to watch the spectacle of a sunset. Let yourself be tempted by the unusual charm of the quiet, deserted beaches, the warm, calm sea and the reflections of the last sun on the water: a stroll along the shore and a swim at sunset will stay with you forever.