At sailing school

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At sailing school

The time has come to return to the sea... if not now, when?
yachtsmen by chance, and forever

Take note: sailing schools are reopening safely. There are only a few lessons on land, as sailing is taught on board. You soon learn, hands-on, how to steer boards and sails, from the easiest to manoeuvre to the most demanding, from the agile 'single-seater’ laser sailboat, wind and kite surfing boards, to boats with movable centreboards, where bowman and helmsman work in unison with daring bowlines and acrobatic trapeze harness sailing, and romantic cruise boats. As soon as you reach the sea, you will learn to listen to the atmosphere around you spontaneously and, as if by magic, an intimate physical bond is created with the sea and the wind, a relationship that is difficult to break.

All you need to do now is choose where to learn to ‘go sailing’. There are plenty of schools along the Island’s coasts, from the gulf of Cagliari to that of Asinara, from the gulf of Orosei to that of Oristano, from the Maddalena Archipelago to the islands of Sulcis and from the Gallura coast to the Riviera del Corallo. You can find them close to the most frequented beaches and in nautical clubs based in ports and tourist landings. If you are ready for a full immersion experience, the most prestigious sailing centres are at your disposal. Find your ideal school. It is worth trying your hand at the oldest form of navigation, the most poetic one, the one most in harmony with the Sardinian sea: it will be the most exciting part of your holiday!

Cala Fighera - Sella del diavolo- Calamosca - Cagliari
Regata vicino a faro dei monaci - La Maddalena
Kite surf nel golfo degli Angeli - Cagliari
the sea and the wind as a leader... start by choosing the best

New sensations come from the sea; the world of sailing means a sense of freedom and fusion with the marine environment. This time, leave your deckchair under the beach umbrella. The time it takes to have a holiday could be enough to learn to ‘play’ with the wind, having fun on the boards and maybe learning how to govern the sea on larger boats. Just set foot on the boat and, almost without realising, you will be smelling the air so as to recognise the wind even before you feel it on your skin. You will look at the sea to decipher the messages that arrive on board, the sudden changes of colour and the ripples on the surface of the water. You will soon learn how to turn the signs of nature into manoeuvres to perform aboard the boat. The techniques are taught in the schools, but your first sailing teacher is your sensitivity in grasping the language of the sea, in feeling its vibrations and the emotions it transmits. In Sardinia, the sea is breathtakingly beautiful and generous to those who love to experience it with a little luffing and gybing.

The Luna Rossa team also thinks so. They call our sea the ‘yachtsman’s paradise’. Take the champions’ word for it.

Training di Luna Rossa Rossa con Cagliari sullo sfondo


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