Vacanza sicura

Travelling safely

Sardinia is a geopolitically and environmentally safe destination. There are no animals that are venomous or particularly dangerous to man in Sardinia.


It's always forbidden to throw cigarette butts out the window and light unattended flames because they could cause a fire, especially in summer when the weather is particularly dry.
If you spot a fire call the free number 1515 and remove yourself to a safe place.



Check the weather, the duration and difficulty of the excursion, and do not venture onto paths that you do not know without the accompaniment of experienced guides. Although in Sardinia there are no particularly dangerous animals, it is good practice in any case not to disturb the wildlife.


Security at the beach

At the seaside you must be careful: not all beaches have a lifeguard service.
If a red flag is showing it is forbidden to enter the water. In the absence of a flag assess sea conditions before entering the water, especially when children are present.


Useful numbers

There are a range of emergency numbers at your disposal that you can call for free based on your needs:

Single emergency number: 112

State Police: 113

Firemen: 115

Finance Police: 117

Health Emergency: 118

Forestry and Fire Services: 1515

Coast Guard and Rescue at sea: 1530