From the Neolithic to the Imperial Age, millennia crossed by eras, cultural phases and periods of encounters (and perhaps clashes) with peoples arriving from the sea. Sirilò is a settlement about four kilometres from Orgosolo, which occupies the peak and the slopes of a thousand-metre-high mountain. On the summit are the remains of a nuraghe, around which there is a village, various Domus de Janas – 13 have been identified so far -, a dolmen and an unusual temple that ‘incorporates’ another Domus. The first three rows of the Nuragic tower still remain: you will spot the trapezoidal entrance with an architrave still in situ. It was built using large granite blocks. From its position, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view: Supramonte di Oliena to the east, the Gennargentu massif to the south and to the west you can see Fonni, while to the north, beyond Orgosolo, the view opens onto Nuoro.