It was discovered in 1997 during work done in the garden of a house, today a bed & breakfast, on the outskirts of Mamoiada, a village in the Barbagia di Ollolai area, twenty kilometres from Nuoro, where it still lies, even if originally it was perhaps placed to watch over a sacred area frequented by the inhabitants of a Neolithic village, of which traces remain not far away. The Stele di Boeli, better known as sa Perda Pintà, or 'the decorated stone', is a worked and engraved granite megalith dating back to the Ozieri culture, in the late Neolithic (about 3000 BC). It is the only one to reach us intact, and definitely the largest and most representative of a series of similar slabs found in the territory of the Mamoiada village, famous for its Mamuthones and Issohadores carnival masks and cannonau wine.