Costantino Nivola, a bridge between Barbagia and America

Scultura C. Nivola, piazza Satta

Costantino Nivola, a bridge between Barbagia and America

Discovering the works of the great contemporary sculptor Costantino Nivola: from Orani, his city of birth and location of the museum dedicated to him, in Nuoro, where Piazza Sebastiano Satta is the site of an evocative granite work by the sculptor with an interesting play on full and empty spaces
the sculptural magic of a Sardinian genius

One of the greatest Sardinian artists of all time 'lives again' in the land where he was born and brought up (Orani and Nuoro), before he became internationally acclaimed

Journey length: 23 km

Road travel time: 24’


The village in which the artist was born contains his precious works, making the Barbagia village the main destination of the itinerary. Your first stop will be at the beautiful Costantino Nivola Museum, in which a smart, well-organized exhibition provides a new experience of the Sardinian artist's work. A journey through works of maturity: the great Mothers sculpted in smooth white marble, the architectural bronzes, the small terracotta works in which the female figure always emerges powerfully. There is a room dedicated to sand-casting, the technique invented by Nivola himself and that made him famous in America. Other places in Orani include the little church of Madonna d'Itria in the old town centre, for which Nivola created the façade with a large inscription featuring his typical monumental forms and the encounter between male and female.
Museo Nivola - Orani
Nivola Museum
In the centre of Sardinia, the greatest collection of sculptures and paintings by Costantino Nivola is kept in his village of origin. He was one of...

Piazza (town square) Satta, Nuoro

With the complete and evocative integration between sculpture and environment, Piazza Sebastiano Satta represents one of the main attractions in the town and pays homage to the illustrious poet from Barbagia. Nivola places several large granite rocks inside the irregular-shaped square and some little bronze status are placed in their cavities, portraying Satta in his different roles.
Piazza del poeta - Nuoro
Piazza (town square) Satta - Nuoro
An historic piazza in central Sardinia’s main city, one that unites two of the XX century’s most important personalities: named after a great...

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