With a high percentage of people renowned for their longevity among its 1500 inhabitants, it contributes to one of the world’s five Blue Zones. Ulassai lies in the most inland part of the province of Ogliastra, at an altitude of almost 800 metres, between the limestone buttes with their slopes covered in evergreen forests in which the Wildlife Oasis of Girisai is located and where spectacular caves open up, like that of Is Lianas. Above all, there is Su Marmuri, 'the marble': you can walk for 850 metres through the rooms with high walls, little lakes and stalactites that join with stalagmites to form huge columns. To reach one of the most impressive in Europe, you can walk along paths amidst deep gorges, which are the destination of free climbing professionals. Underground waters emerge from the grottoes and, beneath Su Marmuri, they form the Lecorci Waterfalls, which gush wildly from smooth rock faces. The waters flow to meet the Lequarci Waterfalls, the biggest on the Island, with a drop of almost one hundred metres and a maximum width of 70.