Tresnuraghes’ territory occupies the western part of the Planargia plateau. To the west, it reaches the stretch of sea between the Gulf of Oristano and Capo Marrargiu, whilst heading inland, it is surrounded by the Montiferru hills. The town of Tresnuraghes is home to around 1,200 inhabitants, located ten kilometres from Bosa and about 50 from the capital of Oristano. It is a popular destination for the tourist line of the Trenino Verde (the “Little Green Train of Sardinia”). The etymology of the name derives from the ancient presence of three Nuraghic structures near the inhabited area, two of which have since disappeared, whilst only a few traces of a third remain. Also worth mentioning are the Nuraghic structures of Martine, Nani and Tepporo, as well as Tomb of Giants along the road to the town church dedicated to San Marco, three kilometres from the town. Near the sanctuary, evidence of the Neolithic period can be seen, including various Domus de Janas and a dolmen in the town of Foghe, Su Ju Malmuradu (the petrified saddle). Legend has it that a farmer who had not stopped working during the procession of the saint had been turned into stone with his saddle. Each year on 25th April, there is a pilgrimage to the church with an offering of blessed bread, meat, wine and tobacco.