It is small, perched on a rocky outcrop, and only accessible from one side, but perfectly placed visually, compared to the other coastal towers of the Golfo degli Angeli. The only function the Tower of Prezzemolo could have had was as a watchtower, yet it has a long and glorious history, during which its name was often changed. In the official documents, it is identified as the tower of Cape Bernat – from the name of the rocky outcrop on which it stands -, the tower of Safa, from Santo Stefano del Lazzaretto, Torre Vecchia (Old Tower) and the tower of Prajola. For the Spaniards, who built it after the first half of the 16th century, it was the torrezilla, meaning ‘the small tower’. Today, quite ironically, almost by the law of retaliation, it steals its name from another building that no longer exists and that was located in the nearby cape of Cala Fighera.