In the evening, the lights of the villas illuminate the cliff like a starry sky and reflect on the calm, clear waters of the sea, with its surf gently breaking on two strips of soft, light sand. The two white expanses separated by the spectacular promontory are Cann’e Sisa and Genn’e Mari, the beaches of Torre delle Stelle, a seaside village reflected in the eastern side of the Golfo degli Angeli and part of the territory of Maracalagonis, centre of the metropolitan city of Cagliari.

Cann’e Sisa is oriented towards the west, i.e. towards the capital and, compared to its ‘twin’ Genn’e Mari, it has more greenery surrounding it, thanks to the pine forest behind the beach. The sand is white, the sea reflects shades of blue and green, the water is shallow and suitable for children, while the crystal clear water is an irresistible attraction for snorkelling enthusiasts.