The adjective tiesu means ‘laid out’. Hence, it is not surprising that this inhabited area lies on a plateau on the slopes of the plateau Su Montiju. Thiesi is a town with 3,000 inhabitants in the Meilogu region, 40 kilometres from Sassari, which some sources claim was founded by a Jewish community who had been exiled by the Romans. Today, large dairy industries operate here with cheese production being the main activity. The flavours of the local cuisine are captivating, with sas impanadas, timbales filled with aromatic pork meat, su succu, durum wheat fregola pasta cooked in broth, and su ghisadu, lamb cooked in tomato sauce. The urban layout has advanced in two areas: around the 17th-century church of Sant’Antonio and around the parish church of Santa Vittoria, a beautiful Gothic-Aragonese construction built between 1400 and 1590, highly decorated within and featuring a Renaissance portal.