The greatest Sardinian artists of the 20th century were inspired by its landscapes and customs. Nestled in the base of a valley, surrounded by pristine mountains, Teulada is a town with 3,500 inhabitants in the lower Sulcis sub region, famous for its coastal scenery of incomparable beauty, where overhanging cliffs alternate with coves of light and soft sand. First of all is Tuerredda, one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the island, with fine sand and crystalline seas that recall Caribbean panoramas. Then there is Campionna, Piscinnì - an enclave of Domus de Maria in the Teulada territory - and Sa Canna, much loved by scuba divers. The splendid coves of Capo Malfatano follow, dominated by a Spanish tower backdropped by a pond, a bay that was the chosen landing place of the Phoenicians as of the 6th century BC. One gem is Porto Tramatzu - with fine white sand, green and turquoise waters, a clear and very low basin extending right to the facing islet. Nearby is the beautiful s’Ottixeddu (called ‘degli americani’ – ‘of the Americans’), which a limited number of visitors may explore during the summer. Another corner of paradise inside the military base is Cala Zafferano, accessible by sea in July and August.