It has always been surrounded by an air of legend, while its position, structure and closeness to similar fortresses suggest that it was a ‘lookout nuraghe’, part of a territorial control system. Su Nuraxi e Pauli gets its name from the area in the Seulo territory in which it is located, just over two kilometres from the town. It is a single-tower nuraghe, built by the laying of uneven rows of schist blocks. It has a diameter of just over ten metres, while the tower has a residual height of around seven metres. You will be surprised by the considerable wall thickness of over two metres. From the entrance, you enter a passageway with an ogival roof. On the left, a staircase opens up and its steps lead to the top of the tower; while you will notice a niche on the right. The passageway ends in the main chamber, with a circular layout, where you will notice two other niches.