Its majesty, state of preservation and special construction features make it a unique place in Sardinia. The granite complex of Su Mulinu Vezzu is the only survivor of seven water mills operating on the Bisine river in the early 20th century. ‘The old mill’ is located less than a kilometre from Olzai and is surrounded by holm oaks, oaks, cork oaks and Mediterranean greenery. It is an impressive work of pre-industrial hydraulic engineering, built around the mid-19th century for the grinding of wheat and barley. You can admire a mill with a vertical waterwheel and its structure is divided into two complementary parts: the large wheel is between two high walls and drives the stone necessary for milling. Above it, embedded in the stone, a channel collects the water captured from the river through a stone and rock embankment. Thanks to the slope of the channel, the water falls onto the wheel, making it turn. The actual mill is inside the adjacent room.