It lies along the left bank of the Sant’Elena River, a tributary of the Tirso, on a segment of fertile plain long farmed for wheat and more recently for rice. Simaxis is a town of 2300 inhabitants in northern Campidano. It dates to the Medieval Period: it was the largest town of a homonymous curatoria in the Giudicato of Arborea. The original village was destroyed during the French invasion of 1637 and resettled in mid-19th century when lands that have grown marshy were drained and farming began in full once more. As testimony of its prosperity, the Day of Rice is held every November. Another agricultural symbol is the 19th century grain bank. The retro-style Carnival of Sa Coja de Tziu Damus is original. It foresees a marriage performed by an actor impersonating the mayor and the participation of townsfolk in traditional dress.