Serramanna lies in the central-western part of the Campidano plain, one of the most fertile areas of the island, where the Leni torrent intersects with the Flumini Mannu. Serramanna is a city of just under 10,000 inhabitants, which has always been based on agricultural production, especially wheat and vegetables. Today, it is one of the largest fruit and vegetable producers in Sardinia. The communal winery producing excellent wines and the still-active canning industry have enjoyed great renown. The historic centre is comprised of typical Campidanese houses, with entrance portal, courtyards, sas lollas and various environments for working and lodging, with highlights including the Casa Cadoni-Arcais and Casa Abis, with a long portico with pointed arches. Amongst the historic buildings to be admired is the Monte Granatico and the headquarters of the Società Operaia (operatic association).