The name in Campidano dialect means 'great gorge'. It is a canyon crossed by the torrent of the same name and covered in greenery: one of the most popular destinations for hiking enthusiasts. The regional park of Gutturu Mannu extends through the territory of ten Municipalities in the southwestern part of Sardinia: three near Cagliari - Assemini, Capoterra and Uta, where the oasis of Monte Arcosu lies; another seven in the Basso Sulcis area, where the forests of Piscina Manna - Is Cannoneris are located: Domus de Maria, Pula, Santadi, Sarroch, Siliqua, Teulada and Villa San Pietro.

One of the largest forests in Italy is located inside the park: 35 thousand continuous hectares of priceless nature value. You will find yourself in dense holm oak forests, particularly between 700 and one thousand metres of altitude, you will see yew and holly trees in the most remote clefts and you will admire beautiful cork oaks in the central part. You will be inebriated by the Mediterranean scrub that fills the air with its fragrance: carob trees, strawberry trees, heather, arborescent phillyrea, mastics, myrtle and wild olive trees. Beyond the green expanse, you will be struck by the picturesque torrents and springs.