At first glance, it looks like a huge rock, but in reality it is a 'piece of mountain' that has fallen from the surrounding cliff, a link between the Gennargentu massif and the Gulf of Orosei. Pedra Longa is a calcareous-dolomitic block, an integral part (detached) of the vast Baunei plateau. Its 'spire' shape rises from the sea to a height of 128 metres: it is one of the highest rocky outcrops on the island, directly overlooking the sea, and was declared a natural monument in 1993. The original name is Aguglia or Agugliastra, from which Ogliastra is said to derive and which gives the idea of the shape enlarged at the bottom and slender at the top (‘aguglia’ means needlefish in Italian). This is what it was called in the past by mariners and was mentioned in pilot books because it was a reference point visible from many miles away.

The most fascinating way to discover it is along walking routes that descend from the cliffs to the coast.