The village is set on the edges of the Marghine mountain chain, on the granite plateau of sa Serra, where there is a natural park abounding with prehistoric relics. Orotelli is a town with 2000 inhabitants in the Barbagia di Ollolai, one of Borghi autentici dItalia, known for producing excellent quality wheat, leather and stone goods as well as for its ancient traditions, such as the famous Thurpos (blind man's) mask, worn by men along with a black orbace (heavy woollen) hooded coat. Along with Mamoiada and Ottana, Orotelli is one of the most significant Barbagia carnivals. The hypotheses surrounding the origins of the name focus on its characteristics: it could derive from the Greek term oros (plateau) and tello (to be born), or from the Latin ortellius, land of gold, for the wheat. Compared to other nearby agricultural towns, Orotelli has always been known for its cereal-growing tradition. The local cobblers are masters in creating the traditional leather sos cambales (boots). You can see them at work in November, during the Autunno in Barbagia event.