This vast monument perfectly documents the architectural capacity and social and spiritual life of the Nuragic civilisation. The Seruci complex extends across six hectares in the territory of Gonnesa, and consists of complex Nuraghe, a bulwark, an extensive village of huts and a Tomb of Giants. It is reached via the welcoming subdivision of Iglesiente, which is about six kilometres, along the Provincial Road 82 towards Portoscuso. It was certainly a complex Nuraghe, penta- or hexalobate, whose construction presumably began at the end of the 14th century B.C., in the recent Bronze Age, and whose life lasted until the 10th century B.C., in the final Bronze Age. The central tower (keep) with a projecting dome was originally composed of three superimposed cells. The keep, with a diameter at the base of about 60 metres (!), rises up around 15 metres to stand out on a relief, and is still surrounded by a bulwark of five (or six) towers, some of which are still in good condition.