A myriad of springs and streams feed lush forests, pastures and vineyards, where the excellent cheeses and wines come from for which the towns of Mamuthones and Issohadores are famous. Mamoiada is a welcoming town of 2500 inhabitants in the heart of the Barbagia di Ollolai area, on the border between Gennargentu and Supramonte. 'Shepherds' paths wind through the hillsides, once used to move the herds each season, and now trekking and biking itineraries. During your excursions you will come across sos pinnettos, ancient buildings in stone and wood, where the shepherds produce 'fiore sardo', ricotta, sa frughe and casu martzu, delicious spread on carasau, whose preparation is a family ritual. The intense scents of vines perfume the air in the gentle granite hills around the village. The local vineyards use the grapes to produce the renowned cannonau and granazza. The cuisine is of agro-pastoral tradition. A good opportunity to discover it is Tapas, a November event that is part of the Autumn in Barbagia where you can enjoy hams, maccarrones de busa, bread frattau, roast suckling pig, boiled mutton, broad beans with lard and su sambeneddu. The art of pastries and baking is linked to festivals and holidays, such as the typical orulettas and s'aranzada.