The village is spread out on Mount Ruiu, surrounded by extinct volcanoes dating back millions of years. Ittireddu, a small and ancient Logudoro village with just over 500 inhabitants, dates back to Byzantine times, when the church of Santa Croce was first built, although it has been rebuilt several times over the centuries. The name, literally "little Ittiri", dates back to 1626. Next to the church stands a fountain built in 1861 from blocks of rose tufo. The 12th century church of San Giacomo stands one kilometre out of the village. The walls are made from exposed stone blocks, typical of Sardinian Romanesque style, with a single room, covered by wooden trusses. The patron saint santu Jagu is celebrated at the end of July. Nostra Signora Inter Montes is also noteworthy, and hosts a 17th century wooden statue and three late-19th century sculptures by Giuseppe Sartorio.