A wonderful bay, three kilometres long on the eastern side of the Golfo degli Angeli, featuring three white sandy beaches, surrounded by promontories covered in Mediterranean scrub and by a sea of endless shades of blue. Geremeas is a tourist locality in southern Sardinia, which is part of the municipality of Quartu Sant'Elena and of Maracalagonis, residential areas less than twenty kilometres away. The two territories are separated by a river of the same name, riu Geremeas, the capacity of which increases considerably during the wintertime and flows into the sea, while during the summer it is reduced, creating a small pond close to the shoreline.

The first beach is Kala 'e Moru (Saracen's landing place), in the territory of Quartu: a sandy shore with tiny golden grains of sand washed by a transparent sea of iridescent colours and a sandy seabed. On the hill overlooking the beach, there is a large tourist village, which is separated from the magnificent cove of Mari Pintau by the promontory of Bruncu de Su Monte Moru. Further east, you will come across the other two beaches, which are separated from each other by the Morongiu river. The first is Geremeas, with its fine, light sand and the other is Baccu Mandara, in the territory of Maracalagonis, with soft, golden, slightly coarser sand, which is steep next to the shore. It is washed by a crystal clear green and turquoise sea, with waters that become deep very close to the shore. Behind it there are sand dunes surrounded by greenery. Continuing along the coastal road, you will come across another famous locality in the Maracalagonis area, Torre delle Stelle.

The beaches of Geremeas can be accessed by disabled people and are equipped with ample parking and services: beach equipment and boats, places for dining and refreshments and accommodation facilities. When the northwesterly mistral wind blows, the bay becomes a destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing enthusiasts. In the evening, you can enjoy the splendid sunsets in comfort, watching the sun slowly set in the distance, 'hiding' itself behind Cagliari. As well as the sea, you can enjoy nature and archaeology in the nearby hinterland: you will find interesting archaeological sites and the Parco dei Sette Fratelli (Park of the Seven Brothers).