Going for a swim in a pool on the moon? You can imagine the scenery and experience the sensations in the cove of Cane Malu, three kilometres from the medieval village of Bosa. The natural pool is located on the tip of Cabu d’Aspu, a few steps from Bosa Marina, where the northern stretch of the Bosa coast begins, in the Capo Marargiu direction. You will reach it after walking for about ten minutes along a path that, setting off from the river port at the mouth of the Temo river, runs alongside the sea, over cliffs of white trachyte, the typical local stone. It is precisely this particular type of rock that creates the lunar scenery, a surreal, white landscape, which is counterbalanced by the intense turquoise colour of the sea. Countless storm surges, driven by the force of the northwesterly wind, have gorged and shaped the trachyte over thousands of years, creating the shape of a large ‘basin’, bordered by a band of rock. The white strip of trachyte resembles a dog's tail, especially when the sea is rough, hence the name: ‘bad dog’.