Among the Island’s scenic roads, provincial road SP 71 deserves a special mention: it is known as the ‘South Coast’ and its 25 kilometres offer film-like scenery, alternating picture-postcard beaches with rough granite and clay cliffs, with a hinterland of Mediterranean scrub. The beach of Campionna appears in this scenery, in a stretch of coast defined as rias, due to the rapid evolution of the land from sandy to rocky. The beach is set between two low cliffs: you will be dazzled by the whiteness of the fine sand, while the crystal-clear water reflects shades of green and turquoise. The seabed alternates sand, gravel and rocks and attracts diving, snorkelling and underwater fishing enthusiasts. The beach is never crowded, thanks to its secluded location and wild and unspoilt stretches, making it an ideal destination for both relaxing and enjoying sea sports. The view is also embellished by the islet of Campionna in front of the coast, which gives the beach its name. It can be reached by sea and, from afar, it looks like an unusual green pyramid emerging from the water.