Its sea is so transparent that the boats parked offshore seem to be floating in the air. If it weren't for the numerous, multicoloured fish crowding the seabed, the waters of Cala Napoletana would be identical to those of a swimming pool. The surrounding landscape, on the other hand, makes you think of an earthly paradise: fine, soft, white sand, granite rocks tinged with pink and sinuous shapes, patiently smoothed by the wind and waves, and lush, green bushes in the Mediterranean scrub surrounding the small cove.

In reality, the sandy shore is divided into three beaches, separated by rocks and large granite boulders. The water is shallow and the gently sloping, sandy seabed is perfect for snorkelling, thanks to the extraordinarily transparent water. For those who want to relax and admire the view, the central hours of the day are best, when the sun’s rays highlight the natural colours of the beach with magical plays of light.