Practically a small urban paradise. Cala Moresca is located within the town of Arbatax, neighbourhood of Tortolì, almost protected by Rocce Rosse (Red Rocks) and beneath the promontory of Bellavista. The bay consists of splendid red porphyry rocks, mixed with granitic rocks, forming an ensemble of homogeneous colours. The beach has a deep and clear bottom of gravel sand and rocks. Thick vegetation colours the bay Mediterranean green.

To get to the beach, follow a convenient path among rocks and trees, with cement steps, accessible to children as well, as long as everyone is careful. The shallow waters are perfect for children and less experienced swimmers. Aficionados of underwater fishing and snorkelling love this beach, as its bottom is brimming with starfish and coloured fish. There is a parking area, and it is possible to rent umbrellas, beach chairs, paddleboats, boats and scuba diving activities. Cala Moresca is not open to the wind, and its very calm sea is perfect for intense days of relaxation. However, several centuries ago it was disputed land and far from calm: in fact, it is named after is morus, Moor pirates that raided the entire coast in the 8th century.

Only a few kilometres away, you will find other unmissable beaches. Starting with Lido di Orri, sixteen kilometres of coast with little bays and deserted beaches, including the splendid Cala Ginepro. Then there is San Gemiliano beach. And then you will find the soft white sand, the smooth rocks and the emerald hues of Cea, more than one kilometre long, three quarters of which belong to Tortolì and one quarter to Barisardo. Three hundred metres from the beach, two sea stacks twenty metres high: is Scoglius Arrubius, the symbol of Cea, accessible to swimmers or in a paddleboat. In the Barisardo territory, do not miss the Torre di Barì beach.