An enchanted, deeply primordial landscape sculpted by the forces of nature, with cliffs, labyrinths, pinnacles and caves draped with woods and criss-crossed by streams of clear pure water. You can enjoy all of this hiking along the is Breccas trail inside the Corongia forest, which lies within the territory of Gadoni. The trails snake their way through a high plain that looks out over the Flumendosa Valley, where the wind and rain had fun carving the schist and limestone rock to create vistas of timeless beauty. Particular rock formations become vertical outcrops which, when you walk amongst them, become something of a labyrinth, complete with rocky arches and hidden stairs. As you hike in the forest you will spot Holm oaks, yews, Downy oaks, juniper trees, and smaller plants like strawberry trees, heather and mastic trees, as well as such floral species as peonies and wild orchids. And there is no lack of marvellous sights, such as the pinnacle known as su Campanili – which the people of Gadone call su Campalini – an 'inverted' spire that rises 84 metres, and is slenderer at its base than its top.