Vacanze in Sardegna - Sito ufficiale della Regione Sardegna

Primo piano

On the night of All Saints, adults will tell children the ancient tales and legends peopled by fantastic creatures such as fairies, ogres and elves. Some of these tales are also fed by the archaeological remains dotting the island, such as the megalithic “giants’ graves” or the chamber tombs known as domus de Janas (houses of the fairies). Read on......

The wines of Sardinia have a story all of their own to tell, captivating connoisseurs...


31 October
Dal 24.04.2014 al 30.12.2014

At Cagliari Opera House the shows run until december 2014

Dal 05.09.2014 al 14.12.2014

Twenty-eight small towns and villages in Sardinia’s heartland celebrate...

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Sardinia. Long live your dreams