Vacanze in Sardegna - Sito ufficiale della Regione Sardegna

Primo piano

The hometown of great thinkers, artists and statesmen such as Edina Altara, Giovanni Maria Angioy, Giuseppe Biasi, Mario Sironi and Eugenio Tavolara, Sassari is also known for its “Brigata Sassari” and for its many cultural and art events embodying the island’s creativity, religious traditions and history.

Tunnels, wells hundreds of meters deep, metallic towers and rail routes to remember...


31 May
Dal 12.02.2016 al 14.10.2016

In Cagliari an overview of classical music, electronic sounds and poetry. ...

Dal 01.04.2016 al 30.12.2016

At Cagliari Opera House the shows run until december 2015

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