Until the last ray of sunshine


Until the last ray of sunshine

Before winter, you can get your fill of sun and sea, without going too far
here, autumn is a long summer

The weather is mild and the sun is shining, while the beaches gradually become more and more deserted, with no traces of overtourism at all. At the end of the summer, the dreamy nature of Sardinia can catch its breath and win back its spaces. It is the best time to seduce even the most skeptical ones, with beaches that become real private rooms. They are hidden between rocks that look like works of art created by the wind and the rough seas, and, behind them, candid dunes of sand and lagoons coloured by the pink of the flamingos. There are still lots of mild days and hours of light to engage in exciting hikings, to trek along paths that lead to the most secluded stretches of coastline. Or maybe boarding a minicruise to admire sea oasis sheltering lonely islands: Tavolara, Asinara, Mal di Ventre, dei Cavoli and the outstanding archipelago of la Maddalena, where the 'most beautiful among the beauties' shines, Budelli.

Cala Brandinchi - San Teodoro
every shade, from green to blue

Now, more than before, the half-desert beaches of Sardinia are an ode to beauty. Reminiscent of distant havens, they remind the primitive enchantment of the Mediterranean sea: crystal clear waters and impalpable sands, sometimes with smooth pebbles, seashells laying in the shoreline and golden quartz chips that shine under the sun. The sea is transparent and still warm, it gives back the heat, stored under the hot summer sun, until November. La Pelosa in Stintino, the iconic Costa Smeralda beaches, the 'mytical' coves of the Gulf of Orosei, the 'southern seas' of Villasimius, Chia and Teulada, the wild beaches of Costa Verde and the jewels of the Sinis peninsula now are terribly charmant, kissed by the new autumn light.

Isola di Spargi, Cala Corsara - La Maddalena
true luxury is priceless... its nature’s treat

The sensational beauty of the Sardinian sea warms the heart, but from September onwards it is also a gym of natural wellness to be put aside for the winter. Now the iconic film set shores are all for you. You can capture the last, beneficial sun of the season, jogging, breathing fresh and iodized air, go for long swims and snorkelling explorations on seabeds, transparent like aquariums, or take to the sea in a canoe or on a SUP, coast to coast without worries. The sea is free from boats, nobody will be speeding past you.

Cala Mariolu - Baunei
land of sea and stone Giants

If you happen to have a few days without sun, you can also dive into Sardinia’s legends. Just beyond the coastline, you will find the Island that is less known but that has a strong personality and is steeped in ancestral traditions and cultures kept alive, marked by ancient civilizations, still shrouded in mystery. Enter the Nuragic fortresses and stand next to sacred altars and wells, embrace a menhir and cross the entrance thresholds of the Tombs of Giants and the domus de Janas. The sea enchants but the rest is just as captivating.

Nuraghe Mannu - Dorgali - golfo di Orosei


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