The southern seas, Carribean waters and African soul

Capo Malfatano - Teulada

The southern seas, Carribean waters and African soul

Dazzling Sun, clear blue sky and tropical landscapes. From Capo Carbonara, through Golfo degli Angeli, to Teulada: a paradise of secluded beaches and bays surrounded by Mediterranean scrub
The colours of the sea reflect the blue tones of the sky

Endless stretches of sparkling white sand and granite promontories overlooking the crystal clear waters with a thousand colours. Southern Sardinia is all surrounded by bays with natural pools where you can spend your days enjoying the activities that the sea offers its visitors. Beginning with the underwater world, for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, as well as those who love to relax and are seeking unique and exclusive views. Hidden, secluded places where you can lie on the sand and enjoy being massaged by the breaking waves, walking along the shore, taking a dip and swimming in the clear waters, then relaxing under a beach umbrella or in a nearby pine forest

Punta Is Molentis - Villasimius
Golfo degli angeli Solanas
magnetically attracted by the pure white beaches

The marine area of Capo Carbonara is the outermost south-eastern edge of the island with its overwhelming beauty and splendour, enriched by the islands of Cavoli and Serpentara. In order to admire it, you really must stay in the welcoming Villasimius, a ‘pearl’ in the southeast of the island, thanks to the pure white beaches like Cala Giunco, Cala Caterina, Punta Molentis, Spiagga del Riso, Simius and Campus. From here, you can begin a long itinerary of about 50 kilometres, as far as Cagliari, and you will almost magnetically be forced to stop off several times at the coves of Solanas, Torre delle Stelle, Geremeas and Mari Pintau, meaning ‘painted sea’… The name says it all!

a neverending coastline, perfect for all seasons

Then you will discover the coastal road of Poetto, joining Cagliari and Quartu Sant'Elena, one of longest urban beaches in the Mediterranean: twelve kilometres of fine sand, framed by the splendid Golfo degli Angeli, which owes its name to the ancient legend of the fight between good and evil. It is dominated by the promontory of Sella del Diavolo, on which a captivating guided tour by night is recommended, during which you can await the early hours of the morning to witness the flight of the flamingos that have continued to choose the Park of Molentargius and Saline as their nesting habitat for decades.

very fine sand, grains of quartz, dark pebbles…

From Cagliari to Pula, visits to the Phoenician-Punic and Roman relics on the beach of Nora are a must, as is a visit to the Santa Margherita coast and also to the splendid beaches of Chia and Teulada: Cala Cipolla, Su Giudeu and Sa Colonia are all ideal for kite-surfing enthusiasts and the enchanting Tuerredda, Porto Tramatzu, Capo Malfatano and Cala Zafferano. Dozens of coves with spellbinding beaches, each with its own characteristics: fine, white sand, smooth, round pebbles and grains of quartz, just like rice. The options are endless, just like the colours of the sea, reflecting those of the sky: from deep blue to turquoise, sky-blue, light blue and emerald green.


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