Sardinian cuisine, identity and flavour

Fregola con arselle

Sardinian cuisine, identity and flavour

The quality and preparation of the dishes are elements that identify and distinguish Sardinia's recipes and are aspects that creep into the pages of history and culture
people live longer in Sardinia because they eat better!

Food tells the story of a territory: very few places in the world can boast food is as authentic as that in Sardinia. The quality of the products and the preparation and flavour of the dishes are values that go beyond their tastiness and are the heritage of thousands of years of history. Sardinian cuisine is still very similar to the way it was many centuries ago, while differing between the various territories and preparation techniques. Whether on the coast or inland, Sardinia's delicious specialities, based on simple and genuine ingredients, with strong yet delicate flavours, never fail to amaze you.

dieta mediterranea
recipes from the 'centenarians' diet'

Sardinia is the home of numerous traditional high quality products: from Pecorino and Fiore Sardo cheeses, the Carciofo Spinoso (artichoke), Zafferano (saffron) and Bottarga (salted, cured fish roe) to its wines. Family kitchens and restaurants are always at work preparing typical recipes and specialities. Starting with the bakeries: from coccoi to civraxu and pan'e gherda to carasau bread. Then there are recipes based on bread, like pane frattau and zuppa gallurese, as well then there are the pastas, including the dried pasta fregola and malloreddus and fresh pasta like culurgiones, filindeu and lorighittas.

Carciofo spinoso
thousands of years of varied, culinary tradition

Continuing on, there are the main dishes based on meat, like roast suckling pig, lamb or goat, cordula (goat's intestines), entrails of lamb, boiled mutton, and dishes based on fish: char-grilled eels, crustaceans, sea bass, sea bream and tuna cooked in a thousand ways. The ever-popular cheeses: pecorino cheese, matured or fresh, goat's curd cheese and casu marzu, as well as desserts made of cheese, like seadas and pardulas, and those made with almonds and honey.

every territory has its own typical wine

You will enjoy authentic products and traditional dishes wherever you go on the Island, also at the local food and wine fairs and festivals that take place here and there throughout the year, like the Spring festivals in Baronia, in Gallura and in Sulcis or the Autumn festival in Barbagia. Otherwise, you can let yourself be carried away by itineraries that take you to various typical restaurants or along the Wine Trails. Every territory has one (or more than one) that characterizes it: Vermentino in Gallura, Torbato and Cagnulari in Alghero, Carignano in Sulcis, Cannonau in Ogliastra and Nuorese, Monica and Nuragus in the Campidano plain, Vernaccia in the Oristano area and Malvasia in Bosa.