The queen of the 2019 summer

Chia - Cala Cipolla

The queen of the 2019 summer

The most beautiful sea is in Sardinia: the island's coasts are at the top of the Legambiente and Touring Club Italia Blue Guide rankings, ‘compass’ for orientation among the best coastal resorts

Sardinia dominates the ranking of coastal areas awarded with 5 Blue Sails (maximum score) for environmental sustainability and quality of services. On the podium the Baronìa goes up with the Tepilora park, third in 2019 and voted first last year; in fourth place is Chia (Domus de Maria), chosen as the world premiere two years ago; fifth is the coast of Baunei and the seventh is the Planargia di Bosa. Just outside the top ten the north of Gallura. While among the coasts awarded with 4 Sails there are other ten Sardinian districts: Pula, Gulf of Angels, Costa Verde, Gulf of Oristano, Sulcitan coast and islands, Asinara, Maddalena archipelago, Gulf of Olbia and Tavolara Gulf, Gulf of Orosei and the Ogliastra coastline. Two 'plastic free' locations: Carloforte and Domus de Maria.

Baronìa di Posada and Tepilora park, awarded by UNESCO, are a symbol of ecofriendly tourism

Turquoise and emerald green water, silky sand, protection of the coastline and biodiversity, sustainable mobility, excellent food and drink and active nature holidays. This is Baronìa that you will find in the oasis of Bidderosa, of Capo Comino, of Berchida, of La Caletta, of San Giovanni and of su Tiriarzu, wonders that lie between the north of the Orosei territory all the way to Posada - recognised as the best municipality – and including Siniscola. The area encompasses the Tepilora oasis, eight thousand hectares of untouched forest, rivers and coastal dunes, a perfect example of environmental protection and tourist accessibility: it extends from the woods of Mount Tepilora to the mouth of the Posada brook, where pink flamingos, black-winged stilts and the western swamphen nest. It is ideal for kayaking. While the Montalbo area is perfect for trekking and the shores of lake Maccheronis for bike rides. On the subject of “soft mobility”, at Posada one rides electric vehicles to the beach.
Spiaggia di Berchida
A jewel on the northeastern coast of the Island: a half-moon stretch of five kilometres of soft, pure white sand dunes, bathed by a crystal clear...

Quality and sustainable tourism: here are the beaches of Chia, an enchanting stretch of coast

It is a little slice of heaven in the far south-west of Sardinia: seven kilometres of soft ochre sand bathed by blue and turquoise water, here and there a small promontory. And behind this scenario lagoons and woods. From the tower of Chia, going south-west, you’ll find sa Tuerra, Porto Campana, de su Sali beach and then su Giudeu, the most beautiful of all, the setting for many a TV ad. Behind it is the Spartivento swamp, a habitat for rare species. At the extreme western edge is the magnificent and hidden Cala Cipolla. A dive in the sea here is also a dive into the past as Chia was once a Phoenician-Punic settlement (later inhabited by the Romans) called Bithia. The inland area features the extensive green woods of Is Cannoneris, an oasis for hikers, crisscrossed by plenty of trails.
Spiaggia di Su Giudeu, isolotto - C
A paradise of fine, white sand with a shallow, transparent seabed, on the furthermost southwestern coast of Sardinia, that gets its name from the...

One of the most beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean: the inimitable coast of Baunei, in Ogliastra

Limestone cliffs over the sea, sandy beaches of incomparable beauty and water that is so perfectly blue it blends seamlessly into the sky. Baunei sits perched up on a mountain from which it looks out over a seashore that is unlike any other: Cala Biriola, Cala Goloritzé, Cala Mariolu and Cala Sisine are its renowned beaches. And don’t miss Cala Luna (which is shared with Dorgali): from the limestone craters above it looks like the sea is enclosed within a precious ampoule. Ancient helm oaks, junipers and other Mediterranean vegetation keep guard over the azure brushstrokes of the sea. Inland canyons, karstic valleys, steep rock faces and the ravines of Golgo make Baunei the ideal place for hiking and climbing.
Cala Biriola - Baunei
The seabed of little white pebbles, which resemble sugared almonds, reflects the sunlight through the emerald green water, with a captivating...

The Planargia of Bosa: enchanting sea, uncontaminated nature and a unique medieval village

Twenty kilometres of coastline that goes from Turas to Bosa Marina, from s’Abba Druche to Compoltitu, from the coves of Torre Argentina to Portu Managu. This is the shoreline scenario of the medieval town of Bosa, Planargia’s main city. Bosa Marina is a wide and well-equipped beach, the seabed gradually sloped, perfect for a relaxing family holiday. The others are delightful, hidden inlets of fine sand or smoothly polished pebbles and stones. All are bathed by a cobalt blue or emerald green sea. Inland from the coast there is plenty of hiking and bird watching to engage in at the park of Capo Marragiu, the promontory of griffons, in the Badde Aggiosu nature reserve.
Bosa Marina, spiaggia
Not only one of art, culture and an agricultural, artisan and trading tradition, this is also the only authentic medieval town in Sardinia, with...

The paradise of northern Gallura appears just outside the top ten Italian coastlines

Located in the north of Sardinia, Santa Teresa Gallura is the highest ranked town, followed by La Maddalena, Palau and Arzachena. Together they constitute a shoreline unlike any other, one that includes the park of the archipelago of La Maddalena, more than 60 large and small islands that include Budelli with its pink beach, the breathtaking coves of Caprera, Santo Stefano and Spargi, with colours so stunningly beautiful that they attract tour boats, natural monuments and sea beds that are the favourite destination of scuba divers. And let’s not forget the beaches on the island of Maddalena: Bassa Trinita, Cala Lunga, Monti d’a Rena and Punta Tegge. The long coastline of Santa Teresa should be explored from top to bottom starting at Capo Testa, with Valle della Luna and the beaches of Ponente and Levante. The symbol of environmental sustainability and quality service can be found in the town: Rena Bianca beach, graced with ultra-fine white sand that stretches into crystal clear blue water. Palau is another fine example of environmental friendliness and beauty: a granite coastline with stretches of soft sandy beach, like the lovely Porto Faro, the exotic shapes of Cala Trana and the natural wonder that is the Isola dei Gabbiani (Seagull Island), a haven for windsurfers. And as to the coast of Arzachena... what can one say? It is a rare sight that includes not only the beautiful Baja Sardinia and Cannigione, but also all the beautiful and famous beaches of Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Coast. Surely it doesn't come better than that.
From the highest piazza of a famous tourist town in northern Sardinia, you will see the lovely white sand: an unforgettable memory of your vacation...