A magnificent oasis of peace and relaxation, full of charm and colours, little frequented even in the summer. Li Tinnari is a solitary cove surrounded by jagged rocks and Mediterranean fragrances along the spectacular stretch of sea between Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa, at the extreme western boundary of Gallura, on the Anglona border. The two well-known tourist villages fall within the territory of Trinità d’Agultu and Vignola, a municipality formed by the union of two localities, the first inland and the second on the coast. The beach has light, almost golden sand, together with smooth little pebbles. They are mostly grey and white, carried there by the Riu Pirastru that flows behind it and forms a pond, hence the beach’s second name of Lo Stagnone (meaning big pond). They are partly reddish, originating from the granite cliffs that surround the cove.