His story is shrouded in legend and steeped in deep devotion. He had a close bond with the largest Romanesque building in Sardinia, located in a panoramic position. The church of San Gavino A Mare, also known as the church of Balai Vicino, is a sanctuary built in the mid-19th century on a limestone rock overlooking the sea, close to the beach of Balai, on the coast of Porto Torres. The building stands on the point where the eastern necropolis of the ancient Roman city of Turris Libisonis once lay and, in fact, from inside you can enter one of the hypogea dug out of the rock beneath the sanctuary. According to tradition, the martyrs Gavino, Proto and Gianuario were held prisoner here and, after being beheaded by the will of the Roman governor of Sardinia and Corsica at that time, were also buried here.