Protected by hills covered in downy oaks and Mediterranean scrub, giving it a pure look, the deep blue lake of Gusana stands out. It is an artificial basin, formed between 1959 and 1961 in the territory of Gavoi, which is just two kilometres away. Originating from the barrage of the river of the same name, it extends along the base of the plateau of Fonni, blending perfectly into the landscape, charmingly 'set' between the Barbagia mountains of Littederone and Nodu nos Arcos.

It is a precious destination for those who love relaxing and for the peaceful sensation: you can adventure into its waters on a canoe trip or you can have fun doing some recreational fishing, keeping in mind the limitations based on the periods in which it is permitted. You can also visit the woods around the blue lake on horseback. Near its banks, you will find accommodation facilities where you can enjoy a stay with every amenity at your disposal.