An isolated paradise for a dream holiday. 50 metres of sand, formed by the mouth of the River Liscia, connects the mainland to Isuledda, also known as Isola dei Gabbiani, a name that has become common more recently. The peninsular, surrounded by crystal clear sea in tones of blue and turquoise and overlooked by the green vegetation, covers 18 hectares within the territory of Palau. In what is also a small sanctuary for marine mammals, you'll also find disabled services, campsite and caravan parking, a large car park, boat and beach equipment for hire, bars and restaurants.

The coast is suitable for families, young people, couples and singles, as well as active or sporty tourists. On one side there is the Spiaggia dell'Arenaria, and on the other the Porto Puddu beach (or Porto Pollo). The two beaches are fan-shaped, surrounded by dunes up to 20 metres high that run directly into the sea. The shore has cream coloured sand, while the water is shallow and the sea bed slopes gently, making it safe for children to play in and perfect for diving and snorkelling.

The thermal conditions guarantee a gentle breeze all year round, without strong gusts, while the position ensures perfect exposure to north-westerly winds. For this reason, Isuledda has become the symbol of Sardinia for windsurfers, kite surfers and fun-boarders, both amateur and professional. It attracts champions from all over the world, who can choose between the western beach upwind, or the eastern one downwind. Or between Porto Pollo and the nearby Barrabisa.

The panorama of Cavalli island will open before you, with the islands of the Maddalena archipelago in the distance: Spargi, Spargiotto and Budelli. During your stay in Palau, don't miss the chance to enjoy other coastal paradises such as Cala Trana, Porto Faro and Porto Rafael and admire natural monuments such as the Roccia dellOrso.