Although they do not reach dizzying heights, the scenery is impressive and features peaks shaped by water and wind, creating strange forms over thousands of years,which become white with snow during the winter. The granite massif of Mount Limbara stands in the northeastern part of Sardinia and represents the border between the territories of Gallura and Logudoro. To the north, it faces the Tempio Pausania plain, to the south-west it is delimited by the Coghinas river and to south-east by the low-lying area of Monti, Oschiri and the river Padrogiano. The highest peak is Punta Balistreri (1359 metres). The Ente Foreste della Sardegna (Sardinia Forest Authority) manages most of the territory (almost six thousand hectares), where it has created hiking trails accessible to all and divides it into two state-owned forests and two forestry worksites, north and south. The complex includes the eastern side (territory of Calangianus), the northern and western sides (territory of Tempio) and the southern side (territory of Berchidda).

Nicknamed limes balares by the Ancient Romans, becauseit marked the border with the territory of the Balari, the mountainous complex is covered in fragrant woods and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub, like the strawberry tree, heather and mastic. Maple, holly, cork oak and yew trees hide plants that are unique to this territory, like ribes sandalioticum and the royal fern. Species like the wild boar, the fallow deer, the marten, the mouflon and the fox find shelter in the branches of the undergrowth. The golden eagle flies over this area. Numerous springs provide water to waterways, the quality of which is often excellent due to its content of trace elements.

Every year, an internationally renowned event entitled Time in Jazz takes place in the Limbara area: sound floats through rocks and woods, the ideal setting for rhythmic expressions. Also in this area, there is the Ecomuseum of Art and Culture of Semida ('path'): visitors are accompanied on a journey of discovery of works of art set in a natural oasis.