Janas, on Halloween night

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Janas, on Halloween night

Halloween takes on a deep and unique meaning in Sardinia. Come and find out about it during the celebration of Su Mortu Mortu
Is Animeddas or Su Mortu Mortu - this is the Sardinian Halloween celebration

Like in the Anglo-Saxon Halloween celebrations, in Sardinian local tradition children take to the streets on that autumn night, reciting verses in dialect in exchange for small gifts, usually of dried fruit and chestnuts. According to the island tradition, on the eve of All Saints Day, a supper is prepared for travelling souls, made of fresh macaroni, wine and water, as refreshment for the dead. In autumn, you can experience the atmosphere and the emotions of one of the most typical nights of Sardinian folklore, known as Is Animeddas or Su Mortu Mortu. A festivity with ancient roots that celebrates the memory of the dearly departed.

Lunissanti - Castelsardo
Domus de Janas, mystery and magic, enchanted and wild places

The magic of the places in which rituals closely linked to the wild, unspoilt nature that surrounds them is celebrated. Numerous domus de Janas (fairy houses), prehistoric burial buildings carved out of the rock and linked to each other like a village of the dead, are the symbol of an active culture that became widespread throughout the island since the 4th century BC.

domus de janas
Domus de janas su motti - Orroli
Tomba di giganti Pascaredda - Calangianus
traditions and legends of spirits in equilibrium between the real and the celestial worlds

Sardinia is a land rich in traditions and legends of spirits in equilibrium between the real and the celestial worlds, little fairies with enchanting voices and of bewitching beauty that take on different connotations based on the places in which they are evoked. Good fairies or witches capable of evil spells? Find out in person, by visiting Sardinia during Halloween.

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