Saffron, the red gold of Sardinia


Saffron, the red gold of Sardinia

From the fields where it grows to its processing, this precious spice is one of the island’s most exquisite products
one of Sardinia’s most precious products

San Gavino Monreale, Villanovafranca and Turri: in the fields of the ‘capitals’ of saffron production to listen to the stories of the peasants, the custodians of ancient knowledge

Route: 50 km 
Driving time: 52 min 

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A farming and pastoral town in the centre of the Marmilla, in an area that offers amazing colours - from the intense green of the fields to the deep hues of the earth - with every season. Turri has an historic centre with courtyard houses and well-preserved wooden gateways. The farmers grow cereals, legumes and leafy greens, and they make wine, olive oil, cheese and, above all, grow and process saffron, the star of a celebrated festivity that takes place on the second Sunday of November. You can go tour the flowering fields, watch them process the saffron and then sample the traditional dishes.
A small town set between the Giare di Marmilla in the south-central region of Sardinia, one of the island’s main saffron producing districts


A small town famous for the su Mulinu archaeological complex, which features a large monolithic altar that is the faithful replica of a nuraghe. The museum houses the relics found at the site. This rural town makes wine and grows grain, olives, almonds and saffron, to which a festivity is dedicated every November during which you can enjoy some delicious recipes and even tasty saffron gelato.
Villanovafranca da 'Su Mulinu'
A town with medieval origins in the heart of the Marmilla, in the south-central part of Sardinia, famous for its saffron and fascinating...

San Gavino Monreale

A major town in the heart of the Medio Campidano region known for its industrial archaeology, a foundry, the sa Moba sarda ethnographic museum and a very colourful and lively carnival festival. San Gavino has always been a farming town, with extensive fields of saffron plants already in the mid-XV century. It is Sardinia’s main producer of ‘red gold’ and in November the town holds a festival that is not to be missed.
Fiori di zaffe
Medieval in origin, famous for its ‘red gold’ (saffron), this town of characteristic houses built up around a castle in the southern part of...


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