Guide for travelers

Sardegna Sicura

Guide for travelers

Updated answers to those who plan a journey to Sardinia

1. What is the current situation?

 The Italian government has taken measures for restarting, that is a gradual and complete return to normality after the most restrictive phases of the health emergency due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The so called "phase 3" does not provide for any limitations to personal freedom, with respect for social distancing in both outdoor and indoor places. Accommodation facilities and all shops are open, with specific rules related to physical distancing, sanitization and other dispositions according to the decrees issued by the national governement and the Ordinances of the Sardinia Region President.

2. Is it possible to travel to and from Sardinia?

All national air and sea connections to and from Sardinia are open. The International connections with the European Union countries, United Kingdom, the states of Schengen agreement, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City are active too.

In Sardinian airports and ports, passengers will be subjected to body temperature measurement.

For detailed information about urban and suburban public transport, you can refer to the web pages of TrenItalia-Sardegna, Arst and public transport companies in the main cities (Ctm-Cagliari, Atp-Sassari, Atp-Nuoro, Aspo-Olbia).

3. Are there provisions to follow before traveling?

Digital registration for arrivals in Sardinia is on line and will be useful to monitor entrances and stays on the regional territory, for the traveler’s greater protection.

Passengers who intend to embark for the island are required to register by filling out the following online form, by PC or smartphone. Upon departure, they have to show a copy of the registration receipt.

The registration with the indications of origin and destination can also be made at any time after booking the journey, while the compilation of the questions on the state of health must be made a maximum two days before boarding.

You can also register by downloading the SardegnaSicura mobile application from the iOS and Android app stores, useful for tracking contacts during your stay.

4. Are there any news about beaches, museums, events, places of cultural interest and entertainment?

You can access free beaches and bathing establishments with respect for the safety distance between people and umbrellas. With precise provisions related to personal distancing and sanitation, museums, theaters and cinemas, places of worship, spas and wellness centers, summer centers and game rooms, pubs and clubs are active.

With precautionary measures, public parks and gardens are accessible; with contingent entrances and precautionary measures, sports centers (horseback riding, golf, tennis, surfing and sailing), gyms and swimming pools will be accessible too.

5. How to keep up to date on the evolution of the situation and who can I contact in case of need?

The Sardinia Region has enabled a special section on its official portal where information is provided. For updates on the whole national territory visit the special of Health Ministry.

You can contact the health authorities at the public utility telephone number 1500 set up by the Ministry of Health, active 24 hours a day. The Sardinian Region has also made available to citizens the toll-free number 800311377, active every day since 8 am to 6 pm. For urgent cases please contact 118 but do not go to emergency rooms yourself.

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