Santu Bainzu hill in Thiesi with two small, almost twin, volcanic peaks, Pabulena at Ploaghe and Ruju at Siligo, the beautiful Mt. Annaru-Pòddighe of Giave and the tabular profile of Mount Pèlao are all in the area of various towns in the Logudoro. A series of five solitary craters stand out in more than 20 thousand square metres of the Province of Sassari. They were declared protected natural monuments in 1994 and together with other volcanic cones – including Cuccureddu of Cherémule and Oes of Torralba – dot the historical region of the Logudoro-Meilogu. A land of extinct volcanoes, home to unusual and unique landscapes: cinder cones and volcanic flows give it its peculiar conformation, with crests at times small and pointy, other times ones round, all here and there separated by flat intervals.