Federico Fellini set some scenes of ‘Bible’ in one of his valleys, by the Temo spring. Although rising to 600 metres in height and located 16 kilometres from the sea, Villanova Monteleone has the peculiarity of having the Lake Temo nearby and to administering a long stretch of coast with ‘pearls’ like the beach of Poglina, expanses of light and impalpable sand that plunge into the turquoise sea, alongside the Chiesa della Speranza. The village, populated by 2,300 inhabitants, is located in the hinterland of Alghero, between Planargia di Bosa and Logudoro Turritano. From the road connecting it to Alghero, called the Scala Piccada, once the location of a hillclimbing rally, views over the Riviera del Corallo can be admired.

The village is renowned for its textile art (carpets and curtains) and the weaving of baskets.