It stretches along the foot of Mount Punta Sa Cresia, half an hour from Cagliari. Villa San Pietro is a village with an agricultural and pastoral vocation and two thousand inhabitants, in constant growth since the end of the nineteen sixties, making it unique among the island's Municipalities. Its territory does not have an outlet to the sea, but it extends as far as the beach of large-grained sand and pebbles of Porto Colombu, near the tourist port of Perd'e Sali, not far from Pula and from its marvellous shoreline. In the hinterland, there is the lush forest of Monte Nieddu, which extends over granite massifs, and the green expanse of Is Cannoneris, a wildlife oasis repopulated with Sardinian deer and fallow deer and moistened by various watercourses. Forests of holm oaks, Mediterranean scrub and conifers disappear on the horizon: you can travel through them along well-marked trekking trails. From the summit of the territory, Punta Sebera, you can admire part of the Gulf of Cagliari and the southwestern coast.