The prestigious 19th-century residential architecture preserves the memory of the family who not only constructed the house but established its agricultural activity and lived within. Villa Asquer, which was first a business hub and then a residence from 1920 to the end of the 20th century, belonged to the noble family of Ligurian origin. It is located in the historic centre of Tuili, a village in the Marmilla area at the foot of the Parco della Giara - part of which lies within its territory - within a splendid setting amidst cork trees, holm oaks, Mediterranean scrub, centuries-old olive trees, marshes, Giara horses and prehistoric sites.

The Asquer family became nobility following the marriage between Giovanna and Pietro Ripoll, the first Count of Tuili (1775). The villa was built in the mid-19th century using prestigious neoclassical forms attributed to the mastery of architect Gaetano Cima. The building was the fulcrum of the family headed at the time by the marquis and doctor Gavino Asquer, who managed the farm using innovative entrepreneurial methods.