The most accessible ‘gateway’ to the rugged Supramonte elevations, famous for its intricate pathways, once known only to shepherds and coal merchants, now trekking trails that lead to natural and archaeological treasures. The valley of Lanaitto (also spelled Lanaitho or Lanaittu) is in a setting of spellbinding scenery in the territories of Oliena and Dorgali, amidst imposing limestone ridges that have generated sinkholes, canyons, aiguilles and caves. It would be a lunar landscape if it were not covered in lush woodland in a thousand shades of green: holm oaks, terebinths, maples, olive trees and centuries-old junipers embrace winding dirt paths. The silence is only broken by the rustling of leaves. In amidst the natural monuments, prehistoric sites and pinnettos - shepherds’ retreats that have become shelters for trekkers - it is easy to spot mouflons or see eagles flying. Bring your hiking shoes, backpack and water bottle and don't forget your smartphone and binoculars.