Sardinia is also a fishermen’s island. Above all, Stintino, a maritime village set in one of the most stunning landscapes in the northwestern part of the island, features not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, La Pelosa, but also the classic wooden lateen sail ‘gozzi’ fishing boats. For decades, until after the advent of the ‘development of tourism’, starting in 1885, the year the village was founded by 45 families of Ligurian origin from the village of Cala d’Oliva on the island of Asinara, the life of its inhabitants was marked by fishing, particularly tuna fishing.

One of the rare historical Sardinian tuna fisheries has existed near the town for about a century, while inside the town, it is commemorated by the Tonnara (tuna fishery) Museum, not surprisingly named ‘Commemoration of the memory’. It was built in 1995 and its exterior is identical to one of the typical low houses in the village.