The museum is in Stintino, in a modern building constructed in 1995, and is divided into 6 "chambers" mimicking the tonnara (trapnet fishing) system: the great chamber, the bordanello chamber, the bordonaro chamber, the bastardo chamber, the western chamber and the death chamber.

The construction revolves around a small scale model trapnet system reconstructed to mimic precisely the actual trapnets that were employed in the sea of Stintino up to the 1970s. It is an original modular structure, adaptable for itinerant installations. Its exterior intentionally resembles the local traditional homes, while the interior replicates the trapnet fishery once in use at the Saline, near the village.

Visitors follow a route mimicking the path of the tuna through the trapnet maze, from the great chamber to the death chamber. En-route, they discover the economic, human and psychological features of the trapnet fishing tradition. The displays are arranged as follows in each chamber: great trapnet chamber: original objects in use in the Saline trapnet fishery. a scale model of the fishery. models of boats belonging to the fishery. religious objects, meant to seek protection for the fishery, from the fishermen's church. Bordanello chamber: overview of tuna biology, tuna migration routes in the Mediterranean and a map of trapnet fisheries in the late 19th century, description of current fishing methods. Bordonaro chamber: history and organisation of trapnet fisheries in the Gulf of Asinara and especially in the Saline fishery, including diaries and archive documents. A video shows the stages of tuna processing. Bastardo chamber: it charts the history of tuna fishing. Western chamber: images of trapnet fishing by contemporary artists. photos of the Saline fishery from the late 19th century to the 1970s, when it was abandoned. Death chamber: this focuses on the killing of the tuna. In particular, it reproduces the colours and images of that solemn liturgy that ended with the death of the tuna and the fishermen's exultation.

The museum pays tribute to the many men who over the years worked in the tuna fishery, from the owners to the head fisherman or Rais, from the workers on land to the fishermen in charge of the slaughter. The key attractions are the extensive photo and painting gallery starting in the late 19th century, the original objects and tools of the trade once used in the Tonnara Saline by the crew, and historical information on the Asinara Gulf trapnets, in particular the Tonnara Saline.

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