Tula stands at the base of the trachyte and calcareous plateau of Su Sassu, from which one can admire the Chilivani plain and the picturesque landscape of Lake Coghinas, having always been the protagonist of life in the town. Tula is a village of 1,600 inhabitants on the northern borders of Campo di Ozieri, intersecting precisely with three historical territories: Logudoro-Monteacuto, Anglona and Gallura. The oasis of Coghinas, the largest reservoir in the north of the island, is a great attraction. Here, nature and sport unite. The shores are lined with Mediterranean and tamarisk shrub, in its waters live trout, carp, perch, tench and eels. In the surrounds are valleys dotted with forests of oaks and cork trees extend farther than the eye can see. It is an ideal place for birdwatching, trekking and mountain bike enthusiasts. To experience Tula in a highly evocative way, there is canoeing and water skiing.